Sparkly Elk

Before there was a castle, there was an open meadow where herd of elk lived and played. The field was lush with tiny flowers tipping the tops of tall grasses as they bent in the breezes. Sturdy trees with acorns and tall trees with pinecones provided shade surrounded the field. The pasture was idyllic. It … More Sparkly Elk

My Wings are Frayed

By Sally Holland   My wings are frayed from life’s abuse, No chance to be rescaled, My song has bayed, its tone reduced. My muscles now curtailed. Could I but change what gave me this, The farces and the facts, The fortunes gained and those I missed, My adolescent acts. Without the spray, the past … More My Wings are Frayed

3,000-year-old Ice

By Sally Holland This is a fictionalized rendition of a story told to me by both Dave and his daughter Emily. The basics are true but the details are completely fabricated.  Water sloshed over the sides of the large metal tray that the flight attendant carried toward the business class cabin. She leaned over to … More 3,000-year-old Ice

Fake Spring

By Sally Holland I have a bad case of Fake Spring Affliction. When temperatures rise to the upper 60s in the middle of winter it leads to a compulsion to cook on the grill or wash the car or mow the grass or throw a Frisbee or really do anything outside. For me, it manifests … More Fake Spring