My Talented Friends

In this strange year, several of my super friends saw the culmination of years of hard work. To celebrate, I have some recommendations for your Christmas shopping list: Books Quarantivities by Ron Ruelle – Ron is a cartoonist and humorist from my hometown of Cookeville, Tennessee. His Quarantivities book is an adult activity book to … More My Talented Friends

Pumpkin Eating Pie

By Sally Holland Barney Brown was scared of many things – beasts, black cats, beady-eyed spiders, and bachelorettes with a pointy hats and frog green skin. Windy nights gave him the willies. Thunder put him under the bed. Lightning was frightening. He did not fear pumpkins. Their orange color was simply ordinary. Their ribbed skin … More Pumpkin Eating Pie

The Tree Hugger

By Sally Holland Maaret fiercely loved everything that lived so it was to be expected that when the oak tree in her neighbor’s front yard was in danger, she would grab hold of it and refuse to let go. Her small arms barely reached halfway around its massive trunk. Her fingertips dug into the crevices … More The Tree Hugger

Boiled-down Politics

by Sally Holland Interview with one of the more than 74 million Republicans in the U.S. Q: Social media says all Republicans are racist. True or false? A: It’s not true. Q: It’s not? A: No. There may be a few racists but not most, certainly not all. Q: Social media says Democrats want to … More Boiled-down Politics


By Sally Holland Bagatelle sang superior songs. He was sought-after for ceremonies and celebrations. The Queen even summoned him when she felt sad. He never failed to raise her spirits. He was short and simple, much like the music for which he was named. His body shape was that of a cello, his eyes were … More Bagatelle

Sparkly Elk

Before there was a castle, there was an open meadow where herd of elk lived and played. The field was lush with tiny flowers tipping the tops of tall grasses as they bent in the breezes. Sturdy trees with acorns and tall trees with pinecones provided shade surrounded the field. The pasture was idyllic. It … More Sparkly Elk

3,000-year-old Ice

By Sally Holland This is a fictionalized rendition of a story told to me by both Dave and his daughter Emily. The basics are true but the details are completely fabricated.  Water sloshed over the sides of the large metal tray that the flight attendant carried toward the business class cabin. She leaned over to … More 3,000-year-old Ice